Valerie Deitz Tissue's photo.Valerie Deitz Tissue's photo.

Inspire National Dance Competition, a top-notch dance competition will gain a fabulous new judge for the 2017 season.  Our very own studio owner and dance instructor, Valerie Dietz Tissue!

 All of us here at Triple Threat Performing Arts Academy are extremely proud of you!   All of you competitors at the 2017 competition will get to know the Valerie we know and love.


“I am happy to announce that I have been chosen to be a judge for the 2017 season with Inspire Dance Competition!!! Thank you to Teresa Peebles and the whole staff at Inspire!!!

K.Hall Congrats!!!! ?
C. Reger Way to go!!!!!!!!!!
R. Elders Jones Congratulations! !
A. Johnson Congratulations! ?
C.  Umphlett Woot woot!! Go Val!!!
K. Ribovich Awesome!
AJ Clayton Congrats and great picture!
B. Martin Congrats!! ??????
T. Wilson Ahhhhhh that’s awesome!!!!
T. Henry Get it girl!! 😉
A. Bazley Awesome!!!
M. Buskey WOOOO!!!!!
A. Coggins How very cool! You are perfect for that!!!
K.Spilliards You’re going to be amazing!!
C. Mediate That’s amazing and well deserved. Congrats!!
K. Winter Congrats!
J. Cooper So cool!!!! I want to travel with you sometime!!!!!! ?
M. Curtis Congratulations!!! You’ll be awesome
B. Rattler This is amazing!!!!
J. Radin Congratulations!!
M. Pellowitz That’s awesome, Valerie!!!??
J. Thomas Awesome!!!
C. Buchanan Wow!! You are amazing!!
P. Baxley Awesome !! Congrats !!?‍♂?‍♂?‍♂?‍♂?‍♂
L. Stanberry Congratulations!!! ????????
N. Tissue Yaaaaaaay! ‘Bout time!